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What Our Patients Are Saying

Prosthetic Eye Patient"My eye is beautiful. It took me a while to come to grips with my loss, but when I did, I was grateful to have an eye to be proud of. Most people I meet don't even notice my prosthetic. Even my regular eye doctor forgets. I love it and I feel beautiful!" - Kelsey O.


Prosthetic Eye Patient"Our experience at Erickson Labs Northwest was fantastic. Todd and Christie love Kara! It makes you feel good to walk in and know that they will take as good of care of her as they would their own family." - Korre V.


Prosthetic Eye Patient"I was amazed and speechless when I first saw my prosthesis. I couldn't believe how perfect and exact it was and that it was custom made for me. Christie and Todd are masters of illusion when it comes to making the perfect prosthetic." - Rich A.


Prosthetic Eye Patient


"My son lost his eye at the age of two due to retinoblastoma. When we were told that Robbie had cancer, we just panicked. We were very nervous and not sure what to expect. We were amazed at the support we received from friends and family and people we didn't even know.

Our first visit to Erickson Labs Northwest was unbelievable. We were so pleased with the facility and the staff--they welcomed us with open arms. Robbie bonded with Todd instantly and they have become good buddies. We just love Todd and Christie.

When it came time to take Robbie's new prosthesis home with us, Robbie was more relaxed than we were. We were scared about it falling out, infections or what people would say. When I was worried or concerned about anything, all I had to do was call or email Todd and Christie. Their responses were very quick and reassuring. They are the most caring, patient, and understanding people I have ever met. It is people like them who make Prosthetic Eye Patienta journey like this so much easier. After the first couple of weeks, it was just like normal.

Today, it feels like nothing ever happened. Unless you are aware of Robbie's cancer, you wouldn't even know he has an artificial eye. Robbie is your typical six year old boy. The only difference is that I take his eye out once a month to clean it. We look at Robbie every day and just smile. He is truly one brave kid!" - Joette M.

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