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High Quality Scleral Shells

A scleral cover shell is an ocular prosthesis that is worn over an existing blind eye or shrinking eye. The shell fits like a large contact lens covering the front surface of the eye globe. It moves with the existing eye and is fit so that the eyelid openings are symmetrical.

Patients who wear a scleral shell are usually able to wear it full time, removing it once or twice per month for cleaning. Other patients prefer to wear their shell during the day, removing it at night. Many who have tried to wear a prosthetic lens or colored contact lens have had great success wearing a scleral shell. At Erickson Labs Northwest, our experts can custom fit prosthetic shells over an existing eye, even if it is nearly full sized.

Our two board certified ocularists, Todd and Christie will work with you to create an prosthetic eye or scleral shell for both adults and kids. We are located in Kirkland, WA and welcome patients from the Pacific Northwest and all over the US.

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