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Our lab is located in Kirkland, Washington, just outside of Seattle. Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible and located on one level. Free parking is also available in front of our complex. <br>   Striving to meet the needs of every patient, we provide flexible scheduling and a warm, personable staff. We can help with your insurance authorization and claims processing, let us know if we can assist you in any way. <br>   The lab is where the work of processing the acrylic & shaping the prosthetics are done. Our air-conditioned office and carbon air filters remove virtually all odors typically associated with acrylic processing. We do all we can to make the best environment for our patients! We use the latest techniques and equipment to provide the best possible ocular prosthetic for our patients. With attention to detail and  careful shaping, we are able to make a very life-like representation of the human eye. <br>   This portion of our lab is used for molding, fitting and prosthetic polishing. Our equipment is custom made for producing ocular prosthetics. Our specialized process and techniques have been handed down generation to generation. <br>   We paint the entire prosthesis using the patient as a model. This provides us an opportunity to match the fellow eye in the same exact light and results in an excellent color and pattern match. We guarantee that our work will be<br>done to YOUR satisfaction. This room is one of the rooms we use for painting and careful color matching.<br>Plenty of northern light and color-corrected bulbs allow the perfect atmosphere<br>to make an accurate match! We hope you have enjoyed our tour,<br>we look forward to serving you!
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